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Each bottle of Flavour Crafters eliquid contains a best before date under the warning label. These expiry dates ensure that our products always arrive to you as fresh as possible.
Each expiry date is based on the individual expiry dates of the ingredients used in the eliquid batch.
All flavouring ingredients, nicotine, propylene glycol, and vegetable glycerin are factored into the expiry date to ensure the best possible flavour and freshness.

Every batch of eliquid produced by Flavour Crafters March 2012 and following include a batch ID number below the ingredients label.
These batch ID numbers are a requirement of Canadian good manufacturing practices and allow manufacturers a higher level of quality control.

During the manufacturing process our production staff are constantly taking steps to ensure that every bottle we produce meets our high quality expectations. A sample from each batch produced is tested by our staff to ensure the flavour, vapour and throat hit are consistent.
A sample of each batch is also tested by our production staff to confirm the accuracy of nicotine content.
By using sulfuric acid
and a ph indicator to neutralize nicotine in a test sample we are able to confirm the concentration of nicotine in our products. These results and the process through which they are determined are recorded in our batch record system as part of our good manufacturing standards. 
As our products are bottled each childproof cap is checked manually by our staff to ensure proper performance. We also manually check every bottle for leaks during the bottling process.

To ensure the accuracy of our bottling process we audit bottles from each batch produced by weight to ensure that they are filled with the advertised quantity or greater.
Our acceptable audit results are as follows;
6ml:        6.8 - 7.2 grams
10ml:     11.8 - 12.4 grams
30ml:     32.8 - 34.5 grams