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Most Chinese and North American eliquid manufacturers use bottles made of PET, or PE plastics. Studies have shown that PET, and PE plastics can release
estrogenic compounds into the liquid it contains over periods of time due to a chemical used in these plastics called called bisphenol-a or BPA. This leaching process is speed up by exposure to heat or sunlight.

Our premium eliquids are bottled exclusively in LDPE, and HDPE plastic bottles which have not been shown to release these compounds found in PET and PE plastics.
LDPE and HDPE plastics are recyclable, and can be reused in other plastic products if properly recycled after use.

To help prevent accidents we childproof bottles for our e-liquid products. Each of these childproof caps is checked for malfunctions by our production staff during the bottling and labeling process to ensure high quality and eliminate any potential bottle defects. We also audit our bottles to ensure they are free of leaks and properly sealed.

Flavour Crafters products are intended to be used as a recreational smoking alternative. We do not recommend our products be used by anyone under legal smoking age in their State or Province, or anyone who is not already an active smoker or nicotine user.
A warning label is printed on the left side of each Flavour Crafters e-liquid bottle in French and English to ensure the intended use of our products is understood by the end user.

Each bottle of our Premium E-liquid contains a list of ingredients on the right side in French and English in compliance with Canadian packaging requirements for consumer products.

Every bottle of Flavour Crafters premium eliquid contains an expiry date on the bottom left side of the label. For more information about our expiry dates please see our Quality Control page.