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Happy New Year to Our Flavour
Crafters Family!
Here are 3 updates that we'd like to share as we start off the new year:

1.) 24 mg strength availability:

You can find them by searching in the top right corner "24mg" or go to our "Custom Products" section (click any heading & look on left hand menu).

There is a minimum order quantity for 24 mg in each volume: 15x10 mL; 5x30 mL; & 2x100 mL.

2.) Revolve high VG line:

We have rolled over 6 of our high VG original flavours to our Revolve line! In order to standardize our products to make the most sense for customers, this needed to be done.

The newest Revolve flavours are: Funky Monkey, Belgian Elephant, Coconut Cream Pie, Creamy Blueberry, Smurf Juice, & Strawberry Shortcake. The strengths will stay the same (0, 4, 8, 12, 18 mg) until the 4 & 8 mg stock have been sold. Then they will move to 3 & 6 mg to be in line with the other Revolve flavours!

3.) Honey Dew Melon

Our honey dew melon was originally branded as a high VG flavour, but with the rollover of the other products listed above, this ratio just does not fit within that line. It will now be produced in 50/50 with the other fruits in our original line.

Do not forget! Flavour Crafters specializes in customization! As long as the Minimum Order Quantity is met, we can work together to get you the flavour you love in the ratio and strength that you desire.

If you have any questions about the three updates above, or any other inquiries about Flavour Crafters, do not hesitate to email us at sales@flavourcrafters.biz. We would love to help you!

Thank you so much for a successful 2016, now bring on the new year!


Flavour Crafters is proud to announce our Storefront is now open! We will be open at 9:00am, December 2, 2016. The first 50 customers will receive a free sample of our 100% VG, All Natural Line of juice, COME CHECK US OUT at 960 Elias Street, London, ON.


Dear Flavour Crafters Family and Friends,

The Flavour Crafters All Natural Line is now available to order! Go to the "Crafters Natural" tab, select and order!


November 21, 2016

To our valued customers:

In the past 10 days we’ve been experiencing delays in a few of our shipments. We have been in contact with Canada Post and due to the approaching holiday season, we have been informed that there may be some delays in regards to shipment times. We will be able to maintain our usual processing times, but mild delays may occur on the shipping end of things. We appreciate your understanding in this matter and we hope that you’re enjoying the start of the holday season!

The Flavour Crafters Team


Thank you Courtney, from ON for participating in our Product Review Promotion by giving us a wonderful review! We thank you so much for the positive feedback, and as a thank-you you have been selected the winner of $75.00 worth of store credit to be redeemed in your next purchase!

Not sure how to participate? What is the Product Review Promotion? Well, here it is!

Dear Flavour Crafters customers,

Who likes free stuff?

Did that Navy Cut Tobacco hit the spot? Or Blueberry Cheesecake Custard satisfy your sweet tooth? Then let us know and be automatically entered into a draw to win $75.00 of store credit to be used on our website!!

Simply go on to our website, www.flavourcrafters.biz , find the product that you tried and would like to review, and click “Write a Review” (it is half way down the page, near the center), and let us know what you think! All of our clients are encouraged to leave product reviews on our website for products they have enjoyed from our company. These reviews help other customers get more insight into features of our products through your feedback. And, as a thank-you for the review, names will be automatically entered into the draw each week, and one lucky winner will be selected for a $75.00 in store credit that can be used to purchase products from our website. Next week Wednesday, July 20th, 2016 will be our second draw!

For any questions related to this promotion please contact us at sales@flavourcrafters.biz and we would be happy to help you out!
Thank you for participating in this new and fun promotion!



We at Flavour Crafters wanted to inform every one of our loyal customers that we have come to a decision as a company to discontinue 15 flavours from our original Flavour Crafters line. The flavours will no longer be available effective immediately.
The 15 flavours we will be dropping completely are as follows:


















We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause for you but want you to know there are a lot of exciting new things in the works for our company and we will be keeping you updated with any new information and news.

We appreciate everyone taking the time to read this and get informed. If you have any questions or concerns please direct them to our email at
sales@flavourcrafters.biz or call our office at #519-601-0222

Happy Vaping!

Flavour Crafters Family


Flavour Crafters would like to announce the release of our much anticipated Crafters Custards line!
This line will feature clear glass bottles and incredible creamy flavours that will be sure to please!

Happy Vaping!


Flavour Crafters would like to make a special announcement in regards to our E-Liquid. As of Monday January 4th 2016, we have begun the process of eliminating 24mg products from our inventory. These products will still be available to our wholesale distributors but will fall under our “custom bottling” practices that state that 30mL bottles must be ordered in sets of 14, 10mL bottles must be ordered in sets of 30. The remaining bottles will be placed on sale at a discounted rate.

While quantities last, all 24mg strength liquids in 10ml and 30ml bottles will be sold at the (retail) clearance rate of $5.00 per 10mL, $10.00 per 30mL. This clearance sale does not affect our pricing for wholesale clients.

Please stay tuned for further updates on this product development.

Happy Vaping!

The Flavour Crafters’ Team

Eco Vapour and Flavour Crafters is excited to announce the return of Founder Jonathan Marshall. Jonathan created Eco Vapour/Flavour Crafters back in 2011 and has returned at full capacity. Jonathan has had an exciting year getting married to his wife Cherish back in May. He also applied his wealth of flavouring knowledge and experience towards other business opportunities.

Since Jonathan’s return he has applied his time towards restructuring and implementing several important polices to get Flavour Crafters functioning to its full potential. This has created some delays while the production facilities and the shipping department received important upgrades and improvements, but will be in the best interest long term for Flavour Crafters and its distributors. For example, with the updates in the Shipping Department, the goal is to go from our standard 3-5 Business day processing, to same or next day order processing. This could only be accomplished by making important changes and upgrades to our production facilities. This is just one of the many exciting projects the Flavour Crafters team is working on.

Jonathan has also re-shaped the Management team filling key roles with hard working, experienced people who will bring new ideas and perspectives to the company. With a brand new management structure, which will be clearly laid out in a future release, the Flavour Crafters team will be stronger at completing larger projects than it has ever been able to before.

This will also be an exciting time for our Flavour Crafters retail and wholesale customers. Over the next few months Flavour Crafters will implement many new, valuable ideas and products for Flavour Crafters customers. More high VG options, lower nicotine options and special flavour releases are among only a few things being explored and assembled by the FC team.

In closing we want to thank everyone for their commitment and dedication to our company over this time of transition. Your patience has been greatly appreciated by our entire team. We are very excited with the direction this company is going in and we hope to have you along to experience all the exciting new ideas we will be implementing.


The Flavour Crafters Team.

For Immediate Release –

Customers, both wholesale and retail , will notice a slight difference in their Flavour Crafters bottles in the near future. To maintain our leadership in the industry when it comes to producing the safest bottle of premium e-liquid, we will be placing an extra tamper proof plastic seal around our bottles. The plastic will be sealed tightly, covering the entire exterior of the bottle protecting against any possible outside contamination or damage during shipment and will also prevent against spills prior to opening. This will guarantee quality assurance while allowing consumer ease as the perforated line along the back of the bottle allows for easy opening after purchase. As new batches are created, you will notice these bottles coming with more frequency in your package as our entire inventory becomes sealed. Thank you for your continued support and look forward to more enhancements to our products in the coming weeks and months.


The Flavour Crafters Team.

Eco Vapour Canada (Flavour Crafters) is pleased to announce that it will continue to support its “Evolve” premium e-liquid product line. Sales will be processed until such time as the existing stock is depleted. Please note that inventories of our “Evolve” product line are extremely limited. Don’t miss this opportunity to purchase these exclusive evolved flavourings!

Once the clearance of the "Evolve" stock is complete, the brand will "Revolve" around a new name free of the potential conflict which the previous name presented.

Thank you for your support,
Flavour Crafters Team